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Founded in 1987, Unicor soon made its mark in the transformation and marketing of cork products and by-products.
Guided by three elementary principles - dedication, knowledge and experience – Unicor has always presented a ground-breaking and differentiating vision in its range of solutions tailored to the needs of its customers/partners.
The company’s innovative vision led it to embark on the production of agglomerated cork stoppers in 2000. As a result of the significant increase in production in this area of business, Unicor 2 was set up in 2003, with the production of agglomerated cork stoppers moving to a new factory. From the very start, this unit specialising in cork stopper production has been characterised by technological progress and in 2012 it replaced extrusion by a moulding process.

While separating stopper production, Unicor maintained its growth rate in the field of granulated cork, having implemented a sterilisation process in 2008.
Continuous development enabled the company to invest in the diversification of solutions, expanding its range in 2010 with the production of cork sheets and rolls.
All this development was based on the sustained growth of the company which has always adopted a commitment to the human dimension as a key principle, without ever neglecting the technological investments essential to maintain its competitive position.

The certifications earned over the years - SYSTECODE (ICSSMP - International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practice) & NP EN ISO 9001 (The Quality Management System – Requirements) - are recognition of product quality and of the processes used in the work.
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